Sikh Children Day 2014

Sikh Children Day was celebrated very successfully at Takanini Temple on 4th, 5th and 11th October. On 4th and 5th Oct approximately 640 children participated in different activities i.e. Kirtan, Speech, Gurbani Recitation, Sikh Art, Kavita, DastarBandi, Gatka etc. and 1010 children taken to Rainbow End Park on 11th Oct.
Woman Care Trust, Supreme Sikh Society, Sikh Woman Association, Heritage school all came together as one to make this event happened successful. On behalf of Woman Care Trust Daljit Singh was involved from start to end for this event and he was honored with gold medal .Woman Care Trust provided First Aid stall with 2 first aid kits, balloons, 4 Volunteer nurses. Main motive to support this event was to promote WCT to Indian Community.Baljit and Ravinder attendedthis event and thoroughly enjoyed this event. Overall this was a great success for all involved.