About Us


Woman Care Trust was established on 21st July 2014 and is a non-profit Charitable Trust.

Charitable Purposes

  • Woman Care Trust will provide free support to Indian women’s and other new immigrants to settle in New Zealand.
  • Woman Care Trust will provide free advice and support on diet, health and education. Good help will be promoted by encouraging participation in exercise i.e. Yoga, Meditation and Swimming and English classes.
  • Woman Care Trust will promote, plan, organize and run of non-profit events that celebrate and concern Indian culture.
  • Woman Care Trust will try to relieve poverty through access to advise, support and assistance i.e. counselting services, health information, mediation for family conflict, visitation, creating social networks.


Woman Care Trust was established on 21st July 2014 , has a proud history of working for socially isolated senior citizens,migrants and newcomers who were well supported through the services offered at the trust and integrated into the community. WCT realised the urgent need of supporting elderly men & women who were struggling to settle down in a new country after spending the biggest chunk of their life in their home country. WCT found new migrants finding it hard to perform day-to-day tasks due to communication and cultural barriers.
The trust has been registered with the Charities Commission (CC50936).