PURANMASHI (Full moon)

PURANMASHI, in Sanskrit pumimd, is the day of the full moon, the last day of the moon`s bright phases. The day has sanctity in the Indian tradition and several ceremonial observances such as ritual bathing, fasting and giving away of charity are associated with it.Puranmashi (full moon) day is considered to be very auspicious as Guru Nanak Dev Ji Advent was on a full moon day. By custom Puranmashi has come to be observed in Sikh places of worship with special gatherings and services. They chant, sing songs, recite poems, Community lunches are offered, in true Guru Nanak fashion, and a special sweet pudding, called karahprashad,
Is often served.Ravinder Kaur organized the whole event once every month. She started this with 10-15 people now approx.150 people come and attend this event. This event is self-funded by people taking turns .Now she has got waiting list for this. Her duties start with calling people to invite them. Then she prepare Langar (food) in the morning with other people help. Then all sangat (people) comes they chant prayers for two hours and listen the kirtan (religious songs), after Kirtan all people sit down in big hall on the floor and have food. This way all people get together share culture values.