My Story/ Nanhi Sharma

Woman Care Trust
When I first came to New Zealand to be with my beloved son and daughter-in-law, the memories of my late husband were extremely present in my mind. I had nothing but great memories of my husband. My son and daughter-in-law were very caring, but still something was pulling me down every day. I was missing my husband a lot. Days were sad and joy escaped me. It’s was hard for me to stop the tears.
One day I went to a Sikh temple located at Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, with my landlady. Here I felt spiritually at peace and relaxed. I began visiting the temple every day. People were coming, worshipping, and leaving, however my soul was not getting peace as I needed it to. One day I met Swarn Kaur in Gurudwara sahib. She was very kind and we had decent conversations. I felt so comfortable talking with her, and eventually she told me about Woman Care Trust. I was surprised to hear about the trust. I had not realised there were people out there helping women to up-skill themselves and engage with a lovely environment, while having fun and enjoying themselves.
As Swaran Kaur had advised, I went to the Trust at 10am the next morning. I was feeling rather nervous, but when I met Baljit Kaur she helped me and encouraged me to strive for a better environment. I walked into one of the rooms and met Manpreet Kaur. She was giving an English class and was totally engaged in the teaching. She asked me about myself. As I told her about my life and my story, I could not stop my tears. She told me to come daily and they would keep me busy so I could feel better and learn things which would help me. Many women came to learn computer skills. Some were practicing their English while some ladies were busy doing Yoga. Woman Care Trust also have a Vibra machine available for exercise. I found it so friendly and I made up my mind to visit every day.
Baljit kaur has such a caring personality and her understanding with everyone is really admirable. She really helps those ladies who come here to NZ and are still finding their way to live happily and with their own thoughts. Woman Care Trust provides education in gardening, cooking, English and also helps to upgrade skills. On the last Monday of the month, we celebrate Senior Ladies Day. Moreover, we still connect with our roots and have cultural celebrations within the trust from time to time. We perform cultural dances (Bhangra, Gidha) and we gossip. We enjoy it a lot and love to come every day. Baljit Kaur is so caring, particularly with those ladies who hardly walk – she will drop them home as needed. Because of her true effort, many ladies learn to use computers. Now they can talk with their families in foreign countries using the internet.
We have become a family and every day we are doing activities that help us to live happily. I have started living happily again. From the core of my heart, I am so thankful to the Trust. I am wishing for a bright future and a prosperous time ahead.