I feel very happy when I meet other women here at the Centre and make new friends. I got opportunity to participate in the events like Mother’s Day,Vaisakhi and performed Gidha for the first time in front of 2000 ladies, this boosted my confidence level and learning ability. I attend Yoga class at the centre …

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Surinder Shan

I was emotionally down & depressed when my friend suggested me to join WCT. I am member of WCT since 2016 and now I have made very good circle of friends who do not make me feel lonely anymore.I voluntary teach Knitting at the Centre and I would like to give message to all other …

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Vimmi Kuldeep Mishra

It is immense pleasure to share my excellent experience with Woman Care Trust.During my stay in NZ , I felt happy to accompany my grandchild to attend WCT Playgroup. This is an ideal platform for parents and grandparents to see their children growing learning their culture & traditions. WCT organises educational trips for children and …

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Mohinder Kaur

I am highly thankful to Woman Care Trust for their services. By attending English classes my communication skills have been improved and feel more confident. Yoga classes helps in keeping me physically fit and mentally healthy. I also get opportunity to meet new people and make friends during the cultural programs organised by Woman Care …

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Gurdeep Kaur

Thanks to Woman Care Trust to help me  in overcoming the grief of the sudden death of my young son. I used to cry a lot and sitting at home and remembering my son. After coming to Woman Care Trust I got engaged in different activities and also started doing yoga which also helps me …

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Joginder Kaur

When my children go to work I feel lonely at home and had nothing to do.  Woman Care Trust has helped me in overcoming loneliness, create social network and get rid of the depression.  

Balwinder Kaur

I recovered after my knee operation by joining the gym at  Woman Care Trust. I am doing the bike exercise regularly which helped me to get rid of crutches. Now I can walk by my own. I am very thankful to this organisation. 

Tarsem Kaur

I heard about Woman Care Trust on radio almost one and half year back. My life started after coming to Woman Care Trust. Now I get a chance to have fun with my friends, playing games on this remind me of my childhood and  I can also wear my traditional dress on this day. I …

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