Mother’s Day

Woman Care Trust celebrated Mother’s Day on 6th May 2016 at the community centre. The idea was to honour the mothers and make them feel special on this day. The function started with reciting Punjabi “Shabad”. Then the history of celebrating this day was narrated to ladies by Abha Khanna. After listening to the reason of celebrating this day, few ladies shared their feelings of motherhood and got emotional as this festival is based on the emotions shared between mother and a child. To lighten the atmosphere Baljit Dheil arranged some games for the ladies. The ladies played cup stacking game which is a game of fitness, agility, concentration and quickness. Then they played another game of putting elastic in pyjamas to judge who can do that it quickly, another game was running with spoon in mouth with lemon on spoon which is another way of keeping them active and quick. Last game was putting thread in the needle, which is a game of concentration and mind exercise. All the games were not only the physically exercise for them but also the exercise for boosting their brain and entertain them at the same time. Then Baljit Dheil distributed prizes to the winners which was a good motivation for them and were happy to take away the gifts to show to their family about their participation. Then, they played one round of “Tambola” and enjoyed all the games. Then Baljit Dheil provided some refreshment of sandwiches and desert was served. After eating all the ladies were on the dance floor to celebrate their day. The celebration was one effort from Woman Care Trust to give an opportunity to those ladies who are far away from their children can still celebrate this festival with happiness and remind them of the beautiful memories of their children.

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