5th Anniversary of Woman Care Trust

Woman Care Trust turned 5 this month! Over the past 5 years we have grown into a big family which gave us the reason to celebrate this occasion on Sunday, November 3rd 2019 and was graced by large gathering of ladies belonging to different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and age groups.

Being a non-profit organisation Woman Care Trust has empowered and helped women by providing free advice and support on health, education, counselling services, mediation for family conflict, women wellbeing, community development, creating social network through cultural events, to name a few.

To celebrate 5th anniversary, Woman Care Trust organised the celebration at the Centre was attended by more than 250 members of the organisation.

Event started with Religious Prayer (Sukhmani Sahib Ji path), kirtan and then followed by langar (lunch). A video which portrayed the beautiful journey of WCT showing how these five years have impacted the life’s of women in a positive way was displayed. All the members thanked the founder of WCT BALJIT KAUR DHEIL and the team for their tireless endeavours to support the Indian community in New Zealand. Later cake was cut to celebrate the 5th anniversary by the whole team. Some beautiful performances of WCT Bhangra team, Gidha (golden girls) and Bollywood team dance showcasing Indian culture were performed by senior ladies & girls of the organisation. Last but not the least this beautiful and memorable day ended with all the ladies dancing on the tunes of DJ.

WCT is very grateful to all the members of the different ethnic communities who have been a part of WCT since 2014 and have provided their love and support to make WCT one of the most loved non-profit organisation in New Zealand.