Tauranga Trip


Woman Care Trust organised free 2 x buses to Tauranga for 90 ladies of Indian Community. The Journey started with reciting religious prayer by the ladies in the bus and also enjoyed singing many Punjabi folk songs. The first destination of the tour was “Gurudwara Shri Kalgidhar Sahib Tauranga”, which is the famous religious place in New Zealand connected to Indian Diaspora. All the ladies recited religious prayer & “Kirtan” at the temple which filled the atmosphere with religious & spiritual feeling. The ladies get positive energy with reciting these prayers and also get peace of mind. The Sikh Temple committee had arranged “Langar” for the ladies, after the prayers all ladies enjoyed the “Langar” and were very thankful to all the people at Sikh temple for the arrangements and serving them the food. Next stop of the tour was “Memorial Park”, which is loved by Tauranga families for generations, this park and playground has something for everyone. Located on the shore of the inner harbour, Memorial Park is a destination for people of all ages. The ladies got the space in the park to move their steps on Punjabi folk dance with the friends. This trip give the ladies an opportunity to enjoy to the fullest and dance to forget their worries and pains. They don’t need to think of their steps or shy in front of their friends. Also, this keep the ladies connected to their Punjabi Culture. After looking around and roaming around the beautiful trees in the park, ladies moved to the next destination. The park was ideal for the group to sit together and have fun. The next stop was Mount Maunganui, a relaxed beach town that occupies a peninsula at the southern end of Tauranga Harbour. All the ladies were happy to visit the beautiful white sand surf beach that stretches as far as their eye can see. The ladies captured beautiful moments in the beach enjoying and splashing water on each other. They did not want to miss any opportunity in having fun and dancing, so they even danced in the beach water. All the ladies were very thankful to the Woman Care Trust in organising this trip , as they got an opportunity to navigate new city in New Zealand , sightseeing and communicate with more people. It was a golden opportunity for those ladies who have just moved to New Zealand and have never travelled before. After a long day, all the ladies were tired but at the same time went back with the beautiful memories of the fruitful time spent in exploring New Zealand, developing social network , get rid of depression & loneliness.
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