Republic Day

The constitution of India signed by 284 constituent Assembly members became effective 26th January, 1950. Before its adoption, India was ruled under the British Empire’s. January 26 was chosen as the designated date of Republic Day because its considers with the Purna Swaraj, or declaration of the Independence Day of India. Today, India is the largest democracy in the world. We here in Auckland celebrated the auspicious Occasion on Monday 26th January. It’s started with the National Anthem followed by the beats of Desi Dhol and most vibrant Punjabi Folk “Bhangra”. Sweets are a significant part of rich tradition of India, Distribution of Baisen and Pakora at this event made it Splendid.

This occasion of pride was hosted by Woman Care Trust, Kiwi Indian Community Trust. The dignitaries who marked the presence on his special day were Ross Robertson ( Ex MP and member of local board), Representatives of the Community Organizations, Community Leaders and many distinguished guests. Their Valuable time and presence, motivated and made felt each one that we belong from a democratic country with universal values.

The celebrations went ahead with the cultural performances which were incredible and loved by everyone present there, could not stop on appreciating the efforts of two blind boys and the speeches of the different people of South Asian participants was awarded with gifts for appreciations. Finish the day with free lunch.

We sincerely thank each one who stepped in and joined us in this event which carried love to our motherland. Living in the heart of New Zealand, we carry the values of India which lead us to make the world a better place to live.

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