Paramjit Kaur – Trustee

A Professional, friendly person who takes great pride in my work and is a self-motivated team player who is able to take on responsibilities and leadership positions.  Well-developed interpersonal skills to build positive guest relations.

  • Bachelor of Arts from S. D College from GNDU (India)
  • Customer Service level1 from Stoke –on –Trent College (U.K)
  • Retail Operations level 2 from Stoke–on Trent College (U.K)
  • Computer Course from NIIT (India)
  • Banking made EASI (INHOUSE BANKING COURSE) from Kiwi Bank New Zealand
  • Worked as Customer Service Manager in Post office (U.K) for 2 years
  • Customer Service officer Retail (Bon Marche U.K) for 6 yrs, and Customer service Manager in New Zealand Post Office & Kiwi Bank for 5 years.