Lohri Celebration

Date: 12th January 2018

The folk festival Lohri marks the celebration of harvest. Lohri is a very popular carnival at Punjab and is celebrate with maximum zeal and immense enthusiasm, this festival is a day of thanksgiving for farmers. Woman Care Trust celebrated Lohri with their members on 12th January 2018 attended by 60-70 ladies of the Indian Community. The function started with reciting religious prayers and Lohri folk songs. The ladies played pass the ball game so that everyone gets an opportunity to show their talent to sing songs, share jokes and dance. All the ladies had great fun as there was no hesitation in sharing their feelings due to presence of the ladies.

After the games few members of Woman Care Trust had prepared a dance performance on Punjabi folk dance to keep the ladies attached to their roots and show young generation of our culture. After sharing Indian food and sweets ladies danced a lot and celebrated Lohri festival with lots of excitement & happiness.