Woman Care Trust celebrated Indian Festival Dusshera on 11th Oct 2016 at Community Centre. Dusshera celebrates the Hindu god Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana and the triumph of good over evil. The epic Ramayana tells the story of the Lord Rama who wins the lovely Sita for his wife, only to have her carried off by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. About 65 ladies of Indian Punjabi Community attended the celebration. The function started with the religious prayer and holy words. Then refreshment was served to them Indian snacks samosa, Tikki with Chick peas and Indian desert Jalebi. All the ladies contributed money for arranging refreshment. After serving the meal Baljit Dheil had planned musical game show “Antakshari” for the ladies. The ladies were divided into two groups and they all participated in singing the songs and had great fun. This game show took them to old time memories and were lost in the memory of evergreen songs of their golden era. Then there was another game show musical chair organised for the ladies. All the ladies participated in this game with lot of energy and excitement. Baljit Dheil presented gift to the winner of this game. After the games all ladies get together and danced on Punjabi folk songs and thoroughly enjoyed the festival. They all were thankful to our organisation in giving them the opportunity to celebrate their festival in New Zealand and they could show their festival celebration to the young generation who are far away from the country. All of the ladies captured lot of good moments of the function and shared it with their friends back home. Woman Care Trust feels highly obliged with the response from the ladies and gets motivated to work more for Women Wellbeing and Community Development.

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