12th Senior Ladies Day

Monday 28th March 2016,

10:00 am to 2:30 pm,

Community Centre, Papatoetoe

Woman Care Trust organised 12th Senior Ladies day on 28th March at Community Centre. More than 60 ladies attended this event. This time Woman Care Trust got an opportunity to celebrate Indian festival of colours “Holi” with the senior ladies. The function started with reading “ Chaupai Sahib Path “ , then one of the ladies recited some holy words “Shabad ” and sang devotional song . After this ladies had tea and some refreshment. Then ladies participated in warm up exercise guided by their Yoga teacher Paramjit Dheil and also danced on the Punjabi songs. All of the ladies got energized and were excited to dance together. After the dance fun ladies played “Tambola Game”, Baljit Dheil distributed prizes to the game winners. Then there was a surprise for the ladies when Baljit Dheil bought colours for them to celebrate “Holi”. The function ended with the Pizza Party provided by Baljit Dheil for the ladies. This was another successful event for Woman Care Trust in entertaining the senior ladies and expanding their social network.

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