Paihia Bus Tour

Date: 9th December 2017

Woman Care Trust organised free bus to Paihia for ladies of Indian Community on 9th December 2017. The Journey started with reciting religious prayer by the ladies in the bus which filled up the atmosphere with religious & spiritual feeling. The ladies get positive energy with reciting these prayers and also get peace of mind. Whangarei I-site information centre was the first stop of the tour for the ladies where they shared their food in the beautiful park and relaxed to continue their journey. Ladies shared lot of jokes and songs in the bus which not only reminded them of their old fun times with friends but also spread out laughter and happiness among each other. These trips are a beautiful opportunity for the ladies who have just moved to New Zealand and have never travelled before, they can explore new places in New Zealand, improve their social network, and understand new living situations & ways to adjust in new country. When bus reached Paihia beach all the ladies captured beautiful moments and enjoyed a lot with their friends. Paihia is just 3 hours drive North of Auckland and is known as the jewel of the magnificent Bay Of Islands. Amazing beaches and a host of islands make this an aquatic playground and ultimate retreat. The ladies don’t want to miss any opportunity to dance on Punjabi folk songs with their friends in Paihia. This trip give the ladies an opportunity to enjoy to the fullest and dance to forget their worries and pains. They don’t need to think of their steps or shy in front of their friends. Also, this keep the ladies connected to their Punjabi Culture. All the ladies were happy to visit the beautiful beach that stretches as far as their eye can see. This trip took the ladies in happy times for few hours where they kept themselves away from all worries of life.On the way back to Auckland ladies got a chance to stop at Wellsford. All the ladies were very thankful to the Woman Care Trust in organising this trip, as they got an opportunity to navigate new place in New Zealand, sightseeing and communicate with more people. At the end of the day, all the ladies exchanged their numbers with each other and went back with the beautiful memories of the fruitful time spent in exploring New Zealand, developing social network , get rid of depression & loneliness.