Karvachauth Celebration

6th Oct Karwachauth Celebration

Women Care Trust promotes and organize non-profit events that relates to Indian culture celebrations. Usually ladies do not get a chance to spend time with their friends here in New Zealand but here at WCT they come across ladies from different regions and spend their quality time with them. This gives them immense happiness and share their different life experiences in New Zealand.

Where on the day of Karwachauth an Indian ritual being celebrated as festival especially in Indian society where the women keeps fast for their husband’s well-being and long life. The ladies here at WCT came in beautiful Indian attairs. They were about 50-60 ladies who became the part of this celebration. There were some fun loving activities including games and dancing too. On this eminent occasion, we chose one Mrs. Karwachauth, the one who came up with zeal to become Mrs. Karwachauth and enjoy the festival, wearing special dress with all traditional jewellery. The ladies at trust nicely participated in different games and won wonderful prizes too. Even they brought up variety of beautiful home-made dishes which were served among all the present ladies. While meeting maintains their good relations with each other here at foreign land and leave good memories. As it is well said that many people come and meet us but few of them leave their footprints in our heart so they give good memories to their friends at new place.

This shows the zeal of ladies at the trust to get along with each other and learning something new every day. And celebrating Indian festivals give them a sense of satisfaction that they are never far from their culture and can spread the wings of their culture worldwide.

WCT is making great contribution by providing free learning into different fields to the Indian older people where they utilize their quality time and become more efficient and reliable to represent themselves the best.