49th Senior Ladies Day & Lohri Celebration

Woman Care Trust successfully celebrated their 49th Senior Ladies Day on 30th January 2020 at Learning Centre. About 140-150 ladies attended the event. As usual we started our function with reciting holy prayer “Chaupai Sahib Path”. This time in addition to senior ladies day, WCT also celebrated Lohri- a popular Punjabi folk festival, celebrated on January 13 each year. Everyone was dressed up in their beautiful Indian attire to celebrate this festival, and also ladies gave wonderful performances on the songs which they have prepared for this function.

After performances we all stand to sing Indian national anthem to commemorate the day when India became a republic ie 26th of January

There were few games organised for the ladies and WCT then distributed prizes to the game winners to keep them motivated and feel energetic. WCT had arranged lunch for the ladies – Indian curry with roti, rice and sweets for Lohri celebration. This function is also a platform for the ladies to get improve their socialisation and make new friends. Ladies spent quality time at the function by dancing, singing and sharing jokes with each other and all the ladies witnessed another successful celebration of the Seniors Ladies Day along with the festivals celebration which is another step for Woman Care Trust in achieving their goal of Woman’s Wellbeing and Community Development.